The Raptor System II utilizes the only 2 x 15" dual opposed driver subwoofer modules that feature an up-firing/down-firing configuration ever offered commercially. The advantages of a subwoofer that's configured this way are explained in detail on our website Q&A page.

The Raptor System I consists of two Raptor Modules, each module loaded with two BHT-15 long throw proprietary subwoofer drivers, the SEQSS analog signal shaper and the all-new A-14K amplifier. With 9 selectable curves, it's truly like having 9 subwoofers systems in one, eliminating the costly experimentation involved in trying many different systems until you find the one you prefer.

Your Home Theater space will be immediately enhanced by the addition of the Raptor's impeccable craftsmanship and unique high-tech design. Specifically designed to fit snugly into a corner for optimal performance in a tiny footprint of less than 3 square feet. The System is also designed to be stacked for even more space-saving and power concentration. And, with the SEQSS taking up only i rack space and the A-14K amplifier taking up only 2RU of your hardware rack and weighing in at a mere 36 pounds, Raptor is as easy to integrate as it is to look at. 


Unrivaled low end reproduction and value

  • $244.85 per liter of displacement
  • Vibration-free operation, courtesy of the dual opposed driver vibration cancellation
  • Extremely durable, low maintenance powder coat, stainless steel and bamboo finishes
  • Satin nickel 5-way binding posts on every Raptor Module
  • Wide bandwidth, high output from <10 Hz to crossover in most rooms, signal chain permitting
  • Stainless steel legs are leveling and suitable for any surface

    Technical specifications

    Dual BHT-15 drivers per module x 2 = 4 drivers total

    • 4.9 liters of displacement from each driver, 19.6 liters total
    • 2.5 inches of peak-to-peak excursion
    • Three aluminum shorting rings per driver
    • 3 inch (75 mm) aluminum voice coil former
    • Dual 4 ohms 4 layer copper voice coil

    SEQSS Custom Analog Signal Shaper

    • Nine user-selectable signal shaped frequency response curves
    • Frequency Response: Flat to DC (no signal roll off on the low end)
    • RCA input
    • Dual XLR outputs
    • 100-120V/60 Hz mains power

    A-14K Class TD Amplifier

    • 8,800W peak into 4 ohms, bridged mode, as the Raptor System II is configured
    • THD @ 1k Hz @ 1dB <clipping = 0.05%
    • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) 112dBA
    • Frequency response: 5.5-20k Hz, +0dB, -3dB, -6dB @ 3 Hz, -10dB @ 1.5 Hz
    • Selectable gain: 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44 in dB
    • Input impedance: 20k ohms, balanced, 10k ohms unbalanced
    • Extensive protection circuitry

      User controls

      • Front panel gain attenuation
      • Rear panel mode and gain range dip switches
      • Rear panel Voltage Peak Limiter selection (preset at the factory for optimal use of your system)

      Connectors and cables

      • 10 Ga (recommended) speaker wire (not included)
      • XLR cable from upstream signal chain to A-14K input (not included)


      • Binding posts and Speakon outputs on the A-14K
      • Satin nickel 5-way binding posts on the Raptor Modules
      • XLR inputs
      • XLR out/through

        Electrical requirements

        • Input voltage: 100-120 VAC 50-60Hz (recommended 30A dedicated line)
        • Maximum power when operating: 14,000W peak
        • 110W at idle

          Size and weight

          • Width: 22.5 inches (571.5 mm) diameter
          • Height: 32.25 inches (819 mm)
          • Weight: 105 pounds (47.75 kg)

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          Bossobass Raptor System Two

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